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Jun 20, 2001 07:10 PM

Falls Church Frozen Custard

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For years there was a wonderful frozen custard stand on Rt. 50 in Falls Church about 1/2 way between Seven Corners and 495. They closed down a few years ago and then reopened a store over on Rt. 29 (I think). Then THAT closed down, too. I live in Richmond, but was in NVA lately and noticed that in a little strip mall just west of where the original place was is a little store called the "Dairy Bar". Is this frozen custard again??? Does anyone know??? If so, I am on my way up this weekend for a Mario's ham, steak and cheese and a frozen custard cone!!!!!!!! Thanks!!

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  1. I think the new FDB (on 50, at the shopping center you mentioned--near the IHOP) might have new owners. The old machines are long gone--they have two machines: an updated version of the electro-freeze and a regular soft-serve machine.

    Pho Sate' is across the street next to the grocery store. Most people order the pineapple beef noodle soup. I think it's #21 or #22. The broth is thick and somewhat sweet.

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      Thank you so much, Barry. I will try Pho - my parents used to rave about it. We have a Pho-something here in Richmond and love it.

    2. These are the only two places left with original ElectroFreeze machines from the '40's and '50's in VA. I believe that the only Kohr Bros. that has an original machine is at Seaside Heights, NJ. Having said all this the best frozen custard in the world is the 16% butterfat at Kopp's in Milwaukee. Locally, in both Chantilly and Manassas you can find 12% butterfat frozen custard at Milwaukee Frozen Custard which is the best in the D. C. area. For what it's worth while Milwaukee is obsessed with frozen custard I have also had a serious challenger to Kopp's about 10 miles east of Rochester, NY but, unfortunately, I can't remember the name! Only that it has been there since the '40's.
      Every one of the stores above scoop their frozen custard. Kopp's does NOT have original machines while the Rochester store does.

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        Ed Silverstein

        Rochester's best known frozen custard is Abbott's at various locations. You can also get frozen custard at Don's and Don and Bob's and probably several other places, but my wife (a Rochester native)pushes Abbot's. The Milwaukee frozen custard in Chantilly is pretty good. Heard that a new frozen custard place opened in Rockville (on Nelson) but haven't tried it out.

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          Carl's in Fredericksburg has ElectroFreeze machines, but I can't vounch for their age other than to say they look pretty old and make excellent custard.

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          1. And only 20 feet from Miu Kee! (Try their noodle soup!)

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              Since they moved to the other end of the strip, they're probably 150 feet from Miu Kee. I wonder if the pizza is any good. I'd like to give them a welcome, but I just couldn't get it up for frozen custard on the coldest day in a few years. Had to settle for a hot soup.

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                It's been real frozen custard in the past and I see no reason why it shouldn't be in the new digs. The owners (I think there have been four since opening in 1950) have always been dedicated to the tradition and history of frozen custard and have been proud that they serve something that's not made from soybeans and actually melts.

                Since frozen custard involves uncooked eggs, they don't make up the "soup" from scratch in the shop but use a pre-made mix that comes in what looks like milk cartons, adding their own flavorings when putting it into the freezers. Since the price increases seem to track milk prices pretty closely (there was even a 'message to our customers' posted about prices a couple of years back) I'm certain that it's a real dairy product.