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Jun 19, 2001 12:47 PM

High Noon

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Anyone else tried the various High Noons around downtown DC? There is one that is within spitting distance of my office just north of M St on 19th. Great, quirky sandwiches, soups and "you tell us, we'll make it" salads. My only complaint is that they have discontinued one of my favorite sandwiches... baguette w/ roast beef, blue cheese and carmelized onions. Yumm! Evidently they got a review from the Washington Post, the reviewer liked the restaurant but panned my favorite!!! So if you go in be sure and ask for it, maybe they will bring it back.

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  1. My wife introduced me to this place; I've been to the same one, and agree re that roast beef sandwich as well as the rest of their fare. I highly recommend the moon pies for dessert. Big and tasty and I'm sure oh so good for you.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation. I work at M & 22nd and stopped by Friday. I never noticed it was there before. The salads are huge. I asked why the roastbeef sandwich was discontinued and they told me that their supplier was sending them roastbeef that was too well done and it wasn't good so that's why they took it off the menu.