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Jun 18, 2001 01:01 PM

Cooking Lessons in Washington DC

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Looking for cooking lessons to give to my friend and her husband as a gift. They live in Northern Va (close enough to DC). Does anyone have any good ideas?

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  1. Lebanese Taverna in Arlington is an option. They have a 2.5 hour class that is $45 a person. The menu changes monthly. For more info:


    1. Try Judy Harris Cooking School, former chef runs cooking classes in her home (nicely equipped kitchen, lots of fun, mixture of participation or observation classes, and you get a meal at the end. I believe the website is Located just south of Old Town Alexandria.

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        1. Try CulinAirie It's a teaching kitchen that's recently opened up in DC, on 14th, NW. My wife and I attended a private function there recently and had a ball. The owner/principal is Susan Holt who, if I recall correctly, was sous chef (executive chef?) at 1789, and also worked at the Tyson's Ritz. She's also been an instructor at L'Academie d'Cuisine for years. This is another place you should consider. Their recreational cooking school is in Chevy Chase/Bethesda, while its professional school is in Gaithersburg.

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            I second the recommendation for CulinAerie. I took a one week cooking bootcamp with Susan Watterson, one of the owners, when she was at L'Academie de Cuisine in Bethesda. She was fantastic.

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              Boyfriend and I took a chocolate cooking class at CulineAerie and we loved it. Highly recommend!!!!!!

          2. Cakelove offers baking classes in their Silver Spring location. I know people have (ahem) differing opinions on the quality of their cupcakes, but I took the "Small Sweets" class (it was an Xmas gift from my husband) and loved it.