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Jun 13, 2001 08:27 PM

Suzie's Soba in Baltimore

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Ate at this Hampden Japanese restaurant again this evening and I have to say, they are really hitting their stride. Atmosphere is unremarkable (with the exception of the patio), but the chow is worth the houndage. Ginger lime chicken (served cold with sliced mango and avocado) is sublime and generously spiced. this is the 4th visit in 2 months, and it has always been pleasant. They also got a nice write up in last week's Washington Post (a bigger piece on the neighborhood)

Oh, by the way, I got fired on Monday for posting here while on the job. Heh...whatever. I counted it up; 8 times in 6 weeks, something like that. Clearly not the real reason. Sad to report you'll not be hearing any Charelston reviews from me for a while! National Boh, anyone? ;-)

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  1. Lucien,

    Nice review....OUCH on your job situation. Perhaps the BMore chowhounders need to harrass your employer. Keep your chowhound spirit UP!!