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Jun 8, 2001 09:53 AM

Sad News From Falls Church

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I am sorry to report that the DC area's only Kurdish restaurant, Ceilov, is no more, at least for now.

The small shopping center where Ceilov was located was purchased a few months ago by The Falls Church, which plans to build some sort of school there. Ceilov's lease gave new owners the right to kick them out, much to the surprise of Ceilov's owner. (Read those leases, people!).

Ceilov then decided to stop paying rent, and finally, on Monday, the Falls Church sheriff evicted the little restaurant.

This was no ordinary eviction. The day's lunch buffet had already been prepared and was dumped into bags along with the rest of the stuff from the restaurant and carted outside.

A sad day for chowhounds.


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  1. The new lease in question gave the new owners the right to terminate the lease with warning- the same right a tenant has. And according to the article, Ceilov hadn't paid rent in a year (!!!). Sucks that he had to close but just because your lease isn't guaranteed for a lifetime doesn't mean you get to stay there rent-free.