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Jun 7, 2001 01:43 PM

Full Kee in NoVa?

  • j

Someone have the address/location for the new Full Kee near Bailey's Crossroads? Would like to check it out. Thanks.

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  1. 5830 Columbia Pike in Bailey's Crossroads Shopping Center. Enjoy.

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    1. re: Jim Zurer

      I found a Full Kee (they also call it Full Kell) in Centreville near the Giant and the library on St Germain Drive. To my surprise, they do an accurate and tasty rendition of HK cuisine, and I used to live in Hong Kong!

      1. re: James

        Jim: thanks for the great news!

        As I have noted on these boards, Chinese food in western Fairfax County pretty much -- as we used to say as kids -- rots.

        I will gladly drive 15 minutes for good Chinese food.

        1. re: Bob W.

          At the suggestion of James, last Saturday we tried Good Fortune, AKA New Full Kell, in Centreville.

          The place has been redecorated from its prior incarnation as a standard suburban Chinese joint. The booths are gone, replaced by tables, a big fish tank, and, most promisingly, hanging smoked ducks and pigs. Yes, Chinatown in the distant suburbs!

          The food is very good. We got dry fried beef chow foon and "mushrooms, pacific clams, and vegetables." The latter included meaty black mushrooms, clams that will remind sushi lovers of "giant clams" and "red clams," and some sort of green, in a mild sauce.

          Both dishes were very generous.

          We saw a number of other dishes that looked quite promising, including lobster in different sauces and a variety of hot pot/chafing dish concoctions.

          Skip the egg rolls and get another entree instead.