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Jun 4, 2001 12:30 PM

Romantic Annapolis Restaurant

  • j

Can anyone recommend a nice romantic restaurant in Ammapolis? I am open to as far as the type of cuisine, but I would prefer someplace with character and nothing too formal.

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  1. m
    Mary Shaposhnik

    The King of France, downstairs at the Maryland Inn, is a cozy, pretty spot. It's in a great location (top of Main Street, on Church Circle), and has great atmosphere--it's been around for over 200 years and the decor has changed little, very small, pretty brick rooms. I haven't been for dinner in a million years, and imagine the menu is fairly conventional continental cuisine, but I recall it as a good spot.

    The upstairs at Middleton's (on the City dock) can also be a warm, relaxing, though less intimate place, but they have been changing around the use of the rooms, and I am not sure how separate the dining room is any more from the lively bar. Very informal, but again, good, simple historical ambience (and really good seafood). It's hard to have a bad time there.

    Carrol's Creek Cafe, across the river in Eastport, is a much more modern place, with really good food, a grown-up feel, and nice views out over the water. Still, I think it's best when in Annapolis to take advantage of the historical vibe to set the atmosphere.

    Oh, I forgot about Paul's on the South River--this always was named the most romantic restaurant in the area, but I haven't been there in forever. Very good reputation. Probably a little more formal dress than the other 3 places.