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May 31, 2001 12:22 AM


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Any recommendations for Alexandria Va (esp. Old Town) for Sunday Brunch/dinner.

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  1. Definitely recommend Ecco Cafe. One of the best. Also, good brunches at Chadwicks, Virginia Beverage Company, Royal Cafe (locals).

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    1. re: Anthony

      >...Royal Cafe (locals).

      Locals, yes. Crap food, yes. Not one single food item as good as you can make at home. Think of the worst diner in New Jersey, at 3 am, and then bump the quality down a notch or two. Not even in a league with Bob and Edith's. Am I giving you the impression that I don't think much of the place? 8;)

      -- Larry

      1. re: Larry

        I ate one time -- like ten years ago or more -- at the Royal Restaurant. I still remember having the most boring salad of my life. I can't imagine why anyone would eat there, but they do, and they've been doing so for several decades.

        Table Talk on Duke St (around 1700 block) isn't bad for breakfast. It's not incredibly good, but is dependable and decent.

        1. re: Jim Dorsch

          I'd agree with you about Table Talk, except that I think they have terrific pancakes. The rest of breakfast is good, but make sure you get a side of the cakes!

          1. re: Amy

            I've never had the pancakes at Table Talk. I tend toward bacon/sausage, eggs, whole wheat toast, but I love pancakes and will give them a shot next time I'm in there.

            BTW, I wonder who's ordering wine at Table Talk. I always notice the bottles there and envision someone ordering a club sandwich and a bottle of wine.

    2. We love the brunch at The 219. It's not a buffet but still wonderful.


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      1. re: terry pogue

        I haven't been to 219 in a long time, but always enjoy it.

        I've always thought one good plate of food beats just about any buffet.