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May 18, 2001 06:59 PM

Full Kee Alerts

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1. I was told at FK last night that today (Friday) would be the first day of the FK soft-shell season! (Say no more.)

2. FK is opening a Virginia branch near Bailey's Crossroads, ostensibly this coming Sunday or Monday. The proprietors of the H Street location told me (i) that the chefs on H St. are staying put (I'm a tad skeptical); (ii) that the chefs they're bringing in to the NoVa location are fabulous (what else would they say?); (iii) that the menu in NoVa will be much more extensive, esp. the seafood, because of a much larger kitchen; and (iv) that's it's increasingly diffcult to stay afloat on H Street as a result of the MCI-inspired rent-gouging and absence of parking. I suspect (alas) that it's only a matter of time -- although that could mean several years -- before the entire operation is moved to NoVa. But I have no specific information to indicate that that's so.

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  1. Thanks Marty. I work down the block from there, and hadn't stopped in during the last week or 2.

    So how are they?

    1. Thanks for the heads up....I have been out of town but I will try and head down to Full Kee tomorrow. I hope they have them.

      A question: why is Full Kee relatively late in offering soft-shells? Other reputable places have had them on the menu for several weeks. Do they catch their own?

      I share your concern about the opening of the Full Kee in Northern Virginia.....let's hope for the best.

      Jim Zurer
      Washington DC

      1. Sorry to be so picky, but what is the thing to get at Full Kee in the soft-shell crab season? Is it just, "I'll have the soft-shell crabs, please"? Or something more specific?

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          Yes, simply order the soft-shell crabs. They're (fairly lightly) deep-fried. Also, the spicy shrimp (heads on) have been especially crunchy, juicy and delish of late.

          I went to the new NoVa Full Kee this weekend. The same menu, with approx. two dozen additional dishes, including various grouper, conch, cuttlefish (I had it with XO sauce), dishes. I carried out and it seemed very good; but it'll take a few sit-down visits in order fairly to compare to H St.