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May 16, 2001 04:33 PM

Jaleo's in Bethesda?

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Has Jaleo opened its Bethesda branch yet? If so, where is it? I found a homepage, of sorts, for Jaleo and there's no mention of the expansion.

(I doubt that the page is maintained regularly... for anyone who's curious)

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  1. I was in Bethesda the last week in March and Jaleo was open for biz. We did not eat there but were across the street at Raku. If you know where that is, Jaleo is across the street on the corner spot.

    1. Yep they're open, on Woodmont near the intersection of Bethesda Ave. Haven't been there yet; the place is reliably packed, spilling outside during nice weather.

      1. Jaleo Bethesda is indeed open and the food is wonderful--especially the seafood items off of the new plancha, a super-heated flat top grill that is becoming increasingly trendy nationwide. Here is the best website for Jaleo info:

        (Full disclosure--I'm friends with both Jose Andres and Wayne Combs, the chef de cuisine at Jaleo Bethesda, but both Jaleo locations are so packed my comments aren't going to mislead anyone. Jaleo remains one of the best combinations of interesting food, service and value on the DC dining scene.)

        1. It's opened in Bethesda for a few months. Really crowded at night--even during the week. Better during the day. NOT as good as the downtown location in our opinion.