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May 9, 2001 09:08 PM

Restaurants in Calvert Cnty & Thereabouts?

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Do you have any favorites in Calvert, far sourthern Anne Arundel or Prince George's, or Charles Counties?
We were down there today (it was lovely as always),
but we didn't know where to look for food! Thanks!

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  1. I live in southern Calvert County, my favorites are in
    Solomons - The CD Cafe and Zanhiser's Dry Dock. Casual places, sometimes funky menus, the seafood at both are great, my husband always gets one of the fish specials at CDs no matter how strange the combination sounds, he always loves it. We go to Boomerangs for Ribs (closer to home than Red, Hot and Blue (just opened in Prince Fredrick, and there is a King Street Blues there too) I haven't been to either yet. If you're looking for crabs/crab cakes, etc, Stoney's Broome's Island) is good, but sometimes inconsistent, and sometimes awful service. Its on the Patuxent River, so it has a pretty outside deck. I hear they may be closing this year and relocating. I get the "baby" crab cake, its about the size of a baseball, and the "regular" is about the size of a softball. The fries are not recommended, but the onion rings and hush puppies are good. I also liked the crab dip we had last time we went. Stoneys has opened a branch near Solomons called Kingfishers, but they are only doing breakfast/lunch/really early dinner (closes at 6 p.m.) I have heard good things about the steaks at the Naughty Gull (Solomons), but have not eaten there yet.