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May 4, 2001 12:09 PM

Recommendations for Sunday lunch after Bridge Walk

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Going to the annual Chesapeake Bay Bridge Walk this Sunday. Looking for recommendations for lunch in vicinity (Annapolis) right afterwards. Enjoy seafood (crabcake sandwiches) and good bar food. Will be in casual dress and would like to eat outdoors if the weather is nice (as forecast). Earlier postings on both Cantler's and Mike's looked promising. Any other feedback?

Ron W.

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    Geoff Laredo

    Try Cantler's. It's right on the water, not in touristy part of Annapolis, and my experience there with crabs has been really great (bigger the better). Outside yes, VERY casual (especially if eating crabs - can you say "wear a bib?") Also, definitely call them for directions; detailed directions, or you won't find it!

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      Thanks Geoff.

      Cantler's was excellent and we will definitely return. I had the steamed shellfish platter (shrimp, clams, mussels) which was very good. But my wife had the crabcake sandwich (broiled) which was outstanding. Best we have had - filled with crabmeat with little to no filler. They came with good fries and we were able to eat outside on the deck. My platter took an inordinately long time, but they made up for it with free desserts - key lime pie. This was also excellent and we enjoyed them immensely.

      Outside of the delay for the platter (which was really on the kitchen), the service was notable. Cantler's has a very friendly and attentive waitstaff.

      We are not crab-eater's, but couldn't help but note that those who ordered the crabs around us seemed to really enjoy them, and the crabs looked to be quite large.

      You were right, this is not a place you would stumble across and detailed directions are a must. Those provided by the restaurant worked out well and we arrived right before the rush on Sunday. Looking forward to returning and highly recommend it.


      1. re: Ron W
        Geoff Laredo

        Glad to hear it; wish I had a nickel for all the satisfied referrals I've sent them!