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May 3, 2001 02:48 PM

Pho in or near Alexandria

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I just started a new job in Alexandria (near Del Ray). I'm looking for pho in or near to work for lunch. I had lunch today at Saigon Crystal. It was ok pho, but I'm not used to spending nearly $9 for a bowl (with tax and tip)!

Any help? Eden Center is obviously too far away for lunch.... Thanks!--Stephen

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  1. Tyler Cowen's Guide mentions an unnamed place in Culmore Shopping Center, Bailey Crossroads as being "quite good" for Pho. Haven't been there myself. His first choices are, natch, the Eden Center locations. He also writes the following of Cha Gio, on Rt.50, across from Loehmann's Plaza: "The bowls of noodles with grilled beef are especially good here. Make sure you pour lots of fish sauce in yours. Also relatively close to Fairfax. A real treat, very cheap."

    1. When you are fed up with pho, try the tacos al pastor at Taqueria Poblano on Mount Vernon Avenue in Del Rey. They are inexpensive, and it's a pleasant, casual place for a quick bite.

      1. the pho place in culmore shopping center is called pho tay ho. it is very tasty. although pho is traditionally with beef, this place offers some delicious chicken options as well--(one with tender white succulent chunks of skinless boneless chicken breast--and great broth). it is located on route 7 and glen carlin. (next to the Peking Gourmet Inn--you must also try this--leek dumplings are to die for--as is the duck).