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Apr 30, 2001 01:39 PM

place in D.C. for graduation dinner

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Hey Guys,
I am looking for a good place to eat in D.C. for a graduation dinner. The stipulations are : they must have some good vegetarian food, no italian, and price range between $20-25 per entree. I am having a hard time meeting all the criteria and there are 16 people to satisfy, so if anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. j
    JW, Alexandria

    I am vegetarian and I looooooved Georgia Browns -- mostly because they had a selection of entrees for veggies instead of the usual "steamed vegetable plate" for an inflated price! I think its in the price range you mentioned. My dining companions had non-veggie entrees and loved them too. Its pretty hearty Southern fare, though. Don't know if you are looking for something lighter/more elegant.

    One of the finer Indian restaurants would serve your veggies well, if the rest of your party is open to that.

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    1. re: JW, Alexandria

      thanks for the response. Georiga brown's sounds like a good suggestion, I'll pass it along to the other people involved. As far as Indian food, a large percentage of the people heading out for this occasion are Indian, and I think everyone wants a change. Please send any other ideas you may have.
      thanks again

      1. re: malok

        If you are looking for Indian, you should try Heritage India off Wisconsin. Fabulous Indian food. A bit pretentious at times but it has some of the best Indian food I have tried in the city.

    2. When we've been at Sequoia we've noticed lots of happy celebrations taking place - graduation,birthday, small family reunions, etc taking place at nearby tables. The food is good, the views of the Potomac are great.