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Apr 27, 2001 09:15 AM

Lunch bets downtown?

  • j

Any suggestions for a nice but casual (and cheap!) place to take a family friend who is in town and would like to meet for lunch. Soup/salad/sandwich would do, but somewhere not too loud, but clean and pleasant??

- Oh, and nearish to Farragut Square


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  1. Havana Breeze at 1401 K. Cheap, counter service, Cuban food. Get a platter (I am fond of their semi-spicy Picante de Pollo) and choose two from their list of of about 20 sides - plaintains, yucca, 3 or 4 kinds of rice, etc.

    The only not-so-good thing I can remember having is the Cuban rice, but I'm willing to assume it is an acquired taste.

    There is also a sit down restaurant upstairs, though I've never been.

    Go early or late. The line has been known to reach the door.

    1. How cheap and how downtown do ya wanna go? If it's real cheap, "La Prima," the average-to-middling sandwich chain offers edible stuffs in the 5-7 range; try the italian sub (*add mustard!*); there's one on 14th btwn I and K. For much better, if still uneven, and 'wiches in the 6-9 range, try the Bread Line at 18th and K. Avoid the pulled pork (too sweet, and the bread is a fluffy disaster); avoid the soft shell crab (small, overfried, and not much less than the Palm); but oh!, the piadinies! Salads, too.

      More specifics? "Downtown" in DC is like downtown in NYC, not Syracuse; and cheeeep is relative. Please advise.