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Jan 22, 2001 04:35 PM

Danish pork cuts in California?

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I apologize for not knowing the exact name of the dish but does anyone know where to find a thick cut of pork with the skin attached as is. It is a Danish delicacy and impossible to find in the US. It is prepared in an oven (like a roast) and the skin is cooked to a crisp. Please help.


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  1. What is the cut of pork is used? There is a good pork butcher in Chinatown that sells cuts of leg with skin that are suitable for roasting. There is a bone through it. I think the name is Hop Sang, I am not usually looking at the sign. It is on Stockton at Pacific.

    1. As Anne mentioned, SF Chinatown is a good bet for all things pork. I've also had good luck for special cuts at the Pork Store on Mission St. It's Chinese-owned but their English (and Spanish) language skills are better making it easier to communicate.

      1. I did a short internet search and what you are looking for is a fresh leg of pork (sometimes called a fresh ham) with skin to make roast pork with cracklings. This cut is oddly not found in the supermarket, as it is called the finest roast of all by the authors of the Complete Meat Cookbook. You will need to go to a butcher shop to ask for this. The whole leg weighs up to 20 pounds, but the butcher should be able to sell you a half or third leg. This is what is in the Hop Sang market on Stockton and Pacific where I buy my pork. I also get meat at Brian's in Laurel village--excellent but expensive.

        The Complete Meat has cooking instructions, if you need help you can email me. I don't know if anything is done different for Danish style, but this should be close. They say do not baste it or the skin will not crisp. There are other tips for cracklings, too.