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Apr 25, 2001 05:32 PM

Romantic dinner: Yanyu or New Heights?

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Hoping for a quiet romantic dinner this Saturday (a special occasion...). After much research (food + atmosphere), I've decided on either New Heights on Calvert or an upstairs booth at Yanyu.

For romance, which would be better? Thanks!

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  1. my first meal at Yanyu was in one of the booths upstairs and it was extremely romantic. We had the room all to ourselves for most of the meal (get the tasting menu...very sensual...lots of little bits of never push your plate away and're always ready for a bit more...never sated...GET THE PICTURE?). The service is great, esp. with the tasting menu -- lots of waiters coming and going, catering to you (feels very lord of the manor) and even rolling up your Peking Duck which is the gastronomic highlight of the meal.
    Try to get a booth in the room at the top of the stairs -- a little more protected.

    That said I have still YET to eat at New Heights so I don't have a comparison. But Yanyu is sensual, masculine...I love it.

    Have fun (you might also check out Rupperts Real Restaurant on 7th NW if you can't get reservations for an upstairs booth)

    1. Both decent choices but . . .

      I'd recommend the back room at Palena.