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Apr 23, 2001 12:54 AM

Malaysia Kopitiam--info please

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My girlfriend and I are looking for a good restaurant for next weekend when we're in town from Chicago. We love all Asian food, especially Malaysian, so I was interested in Malaysia Kopitiam.

The only thing is that I'm looking for a place that has at least a bit of romance to it. We're mainly interested in the food, but some nice atmosphere would be welcome. Does Malaysia Kopitiam fit the bill?

If not, any recommendations? (I haven't lived in DC for four years, so I'm a little out of the loop.) Thanks!--Stephen

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  1. Malays. Kopitm's ambiance is OK, nothing really romantic tho. It's a few steps below street level, but it's not a hole-in-the-wall or anything

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      Just went there, after reading about it on this board. The atmosphere qualifies as "hole in the wall" in my book - which is fine depending on what you're looking for. I did, however, see a couple that were obviously there on a date.

      The food was good (but not outstanding), and fast and the service was good, price totally reasonable.

    2. Just had lunch there today with someone freom the Singapore Embassy, so I can vouch for the authenticity of the food.

      The ambience is not special -- normal Chinese restaurant fare with a few odd crayon murals on the walls.

      It is the only place in DC where one can get Hainanese Chicken Rice and has great Lamb Satay.

      If you like Asian, check out Talay Thai on Capitol Hill. Not much atmosphere but great, wonderful awesome food.

      You should also eat at Full Kee in Chinatown. I have not but I know it is the hands-down favorite of multiple passionate chowhounds.

      For romance and Asian, go to Yanyu. Wonderful food, great decor, pricey. You will be least conspicuous if you wear a black turtleneck.

      For just plain romance, there are all sorts of places but check out Iron Gate Inn on N Street NW betweern 17th and 18th, below Dupon Cirle and across from the Tabard Inn. Sit in the garden, which should soon be dripping with wisteria. Food is good.