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Apr 20, 2001 04:03 PM

Early-bird dinners in downtown/uptown DC???!!!

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Hi folks, I'm looking for restaurants in DC that offer early-bird specials. They're usually offered from 5-6:30 on weeknights, at restaurants that normally charge much more for their regular menu. Any that you know of?? Thanks!

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  1. Tom Sietsiema (sp?)in a recent article mentioned the following places that feature early bird specials (you should call the restuarant first to get details): Cafe Atlantico; Lavandou; 1789; La Provence in Vienna; and Tavira in Chevy Chase. Some early bird specials are offered only Mon-Friday while others are daily.

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      most of the restaurants listed had their specials out of my price range. Thanks

    2. Is Bethesda too far to go? Fairmont Bar and Grill has a 3 course early bird meal for a very good price. We've eaten there several times and have not been disappointed.

      1. How about 701 at 7th and Pennsylvania NW? They do a pre-theater for about $22. Good solid restaurant and comfortable also....

        Jim Zurer