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Apr 19, 2001 01:53 PM

DC restaurant for vegetarians and meat lovers

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Hi Chowhounds. I've lived in the DC area for about 10 years, and I consider myself an amateur chowhound. However, I have a friend coming in who is a strict Vegetarian, and I have no idea what restaurants are Vegetarian friendly. This place should also have something for the rest of the party (who will eat anything). The more choices the better - I have several days I will have to fill.

Thank you!

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  1. Maybe Restaurant Nora would work for you.


    1. Anything Asian will work - favorites include City Lights (make a reservation); Meiwah (ditto), Bua (DUpont Thai), Talay Thai (wonderful, cheap on 1st Street SE, Capitol Hill next to Bull feathers).

      Pizza Paradiso on P Street near Dupont is great but get there early. Long, long lines.

      You might also try Otello, a great, mid-priced family style Italian restaurant below of my
      perennial favorites.

      I also like Cafe Deluxe on Wisconsin above the Cathedral. They have great veggie side dishes that can be combined into a platter. Sort of loud; best to go on a weeknight. I don't think they take reservations. Good outdoor eats.

      White Tiger is good indian food on the Hill. Bombay Palace (is that the name?) near the White House.

      Cafe Luna and Luna Grill, both near Dupont (on on P near 16th and one on Conn.) are also good, inexpensive and have lots of good veggie offerings. I think there is a monday-nite special.

      Much depends on how vegetarian these vegetarians are -- do they eat fish? dairy? If you avoid steak houses you will have no problem. However, the district chop house has the single best mussel dish I've ever had, anywhere...and great salads.

      Good luck.