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Apr 18, 2001 11:45 PM

BMore Chowhounds: Zoomerang is Coming

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First off, I would like to state that I have no affiliation w/ the Baltimore Zoo.
Now that I have gotton that out of the way...I would like to give a heads up for all interested Baltimore Chowhounds that the annual Zoomerang event is just around the corner (June 8th this year) and tickets go on sale at the beginning of May. For those not familiar w/ the event, this is a black tie affair where people lucky enough to get tickets ($200 per ticket) get to hobnob w/ the top Maryland politicians/celebrities/business executives.
Why would chowhounds like me care (who have no desire to network w/ these people)?? Because the top restaurants in Maryland set up stands and the admission price allows you to eat and drink (alcohol included) as much food as you can possibly consume!! This is a prime time to sample the appetizers/soups/entrees/desserts/wine/snacks that the famous Maryland restaurants are known for in one setting. The money (I don't know what percentage of the $200) goes toward upgrading a section of the zoo (I believe last year was the penguin section). Although I have not confirm this yet, 75 to 120 restauranats participated last year.
I myself have not attended one of these events yet (I still have a hard time justifying the cost and renting of a tux) but every year I am tempted because you get to sample so much quality food for one night. For those interested, you must act fast because this is a very popular event and ticket sell out every year quickly. Contact the Baltimore Zoo for more info at 410-366-LION.
If any Chowhounds do attend this event, a summary of the evening delights would greatly be appreciated!!

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