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Jan 22, 2001 04:25 PM

Fancy Food Show

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I had a nice time at the fancy food show yesterday. Anyone else gone? I go back tomorrow, since I did not see the north building yet. Tasted many things, but the standout was Dean Fearing's Mansion on Turtle Creek products. Two things really stood out, the Red Jalapeno Cesar Salad Dressing with smoked bell pepper and the Roasted Garlic Horseradish Sauce (and this was only 15 calories per Tb). This is in the South Building in the Texas aisle booth 3042.

Also liked EV grapeseed oil and basil grapeseed oil by Salute Sante by Food and Vine, booth 2428.

Anyone else have any recommendations?

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  1. I blitzed through both halls yesterday, as I had to be in the East Bay by 3pm, and can't make it back to the show again. Amazingly in that crowd I ran into chowhounds B Kaplan and his wife, as well as Alexandra Eisler who you can find "at the Food From Britain booth (3434, South Hall) all 3 days, so do come by. I've got appointments and will be wandering the rest of the time."

    I enjoyed the focused tastings, especially the vinegars. I preferred to sip them from the cups rather than dipping bread. The group of fig balsamics were my favorites.

    The American cheese society's booth was great. My first experience with Old Chatham - loved the soft-ripened one.

    Reed ginger ice cream was fabulous. Not too sweet with a gingery base and chunks of candied ginger.

    Was very impressed by the Whole Soy Glace' non-dairy frozen desserts. The hazelnut was delicious and has a very satisfying mouthfeel and intense flavor.

    The tastiest food item was the chicken tamal from the masa product people. Hot right out of the steamer and the chile sauce topping was killer. I'm anxious to try their recipe and product at home to make these myself.

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      Wow, I forgot to mention my friend's sauce Tequi-Lime BBQ sauce. It is a marinade with 5% tequila and lime, no preservatives, no oil. Delicious, without any of the off tastes I sometimes find in bottled sauces. I really like it, in the International section booth 4737.

      They are across from a large Italian booth where I also had a wonderful fig balsamic.

      1. re: Anne
        Alexandra Eisler

        I had those tamales today for lunch and they were fabulous. Melanie, if you got the recipe PLEASE SHARE!!

        I saw lots (LOTS) of celebrity/chef brands but didn't stop to try any: Charlie Trotter, Emeril, Bobby Flay, Bob Weir (deadhead salsa), Rona Barret chcoloates (huh??), Rick Bayless, Narsai David, Cafe Lulu, Chef Paul, just to name a few.

        Sadly this was the last year Food From Britain will have a stand. Fabulous tea from Williamson Magor (company-owned estates in East India), brilliant chutneys, pickles, preserves and heather honey from Edinburgh Preserves, British BBQ Sauce (his green olive mustard was lovely but every time I showed it to a retailer he kept asking them to try the peach habanero salsa-puleeeze!), and of course, the vegetarian caviar guy. "Interesting concept" was the popular description, but it wasn't bad if you were looking for an inexpensive garnish for some hors d'oeuvres. Excellent Stilton and Wensleydale cheese from Tuxford & Tebutt.

        I didn't get away to taste much this year. Fortunately the American Cheese Society booth was close by and I tried a wonderful triple cream brie from Rouge et Noir, whose cheese I'm not usually crazy about.

        Anyone get to the cookie tasting?

        1. re: Alexandra Eisler

          I did visit the focused tasting for specialty meats, cookies and vinegars. This was the fastest way try a bunch o' things in my short amount of time on the floor. Didn't try all the cookies, was most attracted to the butter cookie/shortbread types. My favorites were duly noted on the info request form and handed in --- can't remember any on my own!