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Good bakeries in DC?

cintas Apr 17, 2001 04:13 AM

Haven't seen this topic discussed before, anyone have bakery recs for the Metro/DC area?


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    Jim Dorsch RE: cintas Apr 17, 2001 05:47 AM

    Brenner's in Arlington (Glebe Rd & Columbia Pk) is a good, old fashioned American-type bakery. Good donuts. Five Guys used to use Brenner's buns for their burgers. Don't know if this is still true.

    Elsewhere in Arlington, the Heidelburg (on Lee Hwy, I believe) is a nice European-style bakery.

    In Alexandria, Shuman's Bakery (S Washington St) is known as a gathering place for Alexandria's ole boy network. You can sit down and eat at a table or at the counter as Shuman's.

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    1. re: Jim Dorsch
      Bob W. RE: Jim Dorsch Apr 17, 2001 10:01 AM

      If the Patisserie Poupon in Georgetown is as good as the one in Baltimore, than it is definitely worth a try.

      Someone recently brought into the office cookies from Pastries by Randolph in Arlington. They were delicious. Also in Arlington is Heidelberg on Lee Highway at Culpeper Street. Hamantaschen year round!

      Cenan's in Vienna and Simit in Fairfax (Main St. at Pickett Rd.) are two good Turkish bakeries.

      1. re: Bob W.
        cintas RE: Bob W. Apr 17, 2001 10:42 PM

        Your replies are muchly appreciated!

        Heading for Heidelberg this weekend, love Hamantaschen!


        1. re: cintas
          zora RE: cintas Apr 19, 2001 09:54 PM

          The proprietor of the German deli on Lee Highway in Falls Church told me he prefers Randolph's baked goods over the pastries he sells in his own place: everything is made with real butter at Randolph's. Don't waste your time at Heidelberg is what he told me. I've tried both places. He's right.

          1. re: zora
            Bob W. RE: zora Apr 20, 2001 09:54 AM

            Speaking of the German Deli on Lee Highway, if you go there you will be just a couple doors down from one of the best doughnut shops anywhere: Milan Bakery/Miss Donuts.

            Their donuts rock!

        2. re: Bob W.
          deetee RE: Bob W. May 9, 2001 11:03 PM

          patisserie poupon has good baked goods, but the service is surly to the point of sometimes being outright hostile. while i haven't stopped at this one in more than a year, the napoleon bakery in savage mill was outstanding last time i was there. and marianna's cafe in alexandria old town is run by the former pastry chef at the occidental room. wonderful place!

          1. re: deetee
            Reg RE: deetee Jul 25, 2001 01:34 PM

            Does anyone know of a good bakery/patisserie(delicious but reasonably priced) in or near DC that makes strawberry Napoleon? I am planning a wedding for next Spring and would love to have Napoleon instead of a traditional wedding cake.

      2. t
        Terrie H. RE: cintas Apr 23, 2001 07:48 PM

        I live in the far reaches of Montgomery County, and have actually found an outstanding bakery in Germantown. Posted about it before, but I'll mention again:

        Royal Bakery in Germantown at the intersection of Rt. 118 (Germantown Rd.) and Middlebrook Rd. The couple that owns it are from New York and combine an Italian and Jewish heritage and make really great bagels (no, REALLY!) and Italian pastries/cakes and biscotti (and knishes and donuts and crumbcakes, etc.).

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