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Apr 16, 2001 10:41 AM

Baltimore hounds, watch out for...

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...the Metropolitan Cafe, I think it is called. On the soutth-eastern tip of Mt. Vernon/Washington Monument on Charles Street. Used to be The Buttery, a greasy but somehow comforting 24 hour diner. Now it is a hiply decorated outlet for TV dinners. My wife and I had an engagement at Peabody and needed to grab a quick bite. I had read about the much ballyhooed opening of this new joint, and enthusiastically advocated stopping in. Pleasant, hip atmosphere, friendly service, good beer on tap. Just don't order any food...

Kirsten had a falafel-pita thing with fries. The falafel resembled rolled up white bread that had been bonded with a little water and then deep fried. It was served with cucumber salad dressing, which is a long way from the tzaziki such a dish is supposed to come with. 3 forms of starch in varying shades of brown. For this, we were $7.50 lighter. For my part, a veggie bean burger that tasted like the ones you can buy frozen for a couple bucks a box, served with a tomato slice and wilted lettuce, plus fries. The fries were good. I too was $7.50 poorer for the experience. Coulda shoulda had the yummy, filling, fish and chips down the street at Mick O'Shea's for the same cash.

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    Melissa Garland

    On no- sounds like a bad experience- and so close to the Helmand!

    As an aside, have you heard anything about what is going to happen to the former Louie's Bookstore Cafe space? Did I read (or dream) that they were considering opening a Starbuck's there? I hope I'm mistaken.

    Haven't tried the fish & chips at Mick O'Shea's. I'll have to check them out. Have you tried the ones at Wharf Rat? They're aren't bad, and they're also cheap. Had them just last week.


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      The Sun had something last week, but I was late for work and just skimmed it. Italian, I think? Not sure what it will be. Louie's fell so far that anything new should be better. I am not going to go in unless I hear something good in any case.