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Apr 14, 2001 07:06 PM

I have an OT question

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Hi - thanks to this board we have had memorable dining experiences - but - now have an off topic question.

When is the best time to come into DC for the cherry blossoms???? We were going to drive down this April, but, our jobs got in the way, lol. How was it this year? Should we plan for the first or second week of April next year or the end of May?

Really, thanks for any info that you post - it is really appreciated!

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  1. They hit early, usually early April, and only last for a short time. I missed 'em too.

    1. This year they peaked around April 5th. In the five years I've been here, they have come in as early as the beginning of March and as late as the end of April. It largely depends on the amount of sun and how warm it is. Unfortunately they really only last for about a total of two weeks. I think you're safest planning something right about the beginning of April. The thing is, if you come a little later and miss the cherries, you can still catch the azaleas and etc. which will just be coming into their own.