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Apr 5, 2001 11:55 AM

The intersection of World Crises and Chowhounds

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My deepest thanks to Melanie Wong and others who replied on Hainan Chicken could not have been more fortuitously timed. I am the Pentagon correspondent for a wire service and, shortly after filing my question about the above dish, found myself covering the "detainment" of 24 military servicemen and women on this very same Chinese island. My fellow reporters think me brilliant for knowing where and exactly what Hainan Island was PRIOR to this international contretemps.

Here's hoping the crew of the EP-3 is being fed copious amounts of Hainan Chicken Rice to make their captivity go down a little easier. Tie a yellow ribbon...


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  1. When I first heard the news of the downing, I had a similar thought. Did you notice that reports about the crew kept mentioning that they were healthy and being fed "catered" meals? I saw one of the interviews with a crew member who said that the food was okay until the chicken feet and fish heads came out.

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      yeah I saw the interviews...Powell kept insisting that that cuisine was excellent. Only excellent if they were given Hainanese chicken rice, as far as I am concerned...again thanks for your help. AS a matter of fact I have finally located a restaurant in DC (with the help of the Singapore Embassy staff) that serves the dish and I will be posting info about it as soon as I have it. I went there yesterday but their chickens were late so they didn't get them cooked in time...