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Mar 28, 2001 09:40 AM

Good Japanese restuarants in DC

  • k

Hi, I will be visiting DC this weekend for the Cherry Bloosom festival and thought it would be great to extend the Japanese theme to dinner. I am staying in the Dupont Center area- what are the best Japanese resurants in DC (reasonably priced would be good)?


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  1. I haven't done any truly Chowhoundworthy sleuthing and comparing but I always enjoy Tono Sushi on Connecticut Ave NW, just above Calvert Street -- Woodley Park metro.

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      For the most authentic Japanese food experience in D.C. try Makoto on MacArthur Blvd. The kaiseki dinner is a dozen or more different tasty little dishes served as separate courses. Also, the choices of yakitori are extensive. It's a tiny place, so be sure to make a reservation. As a native of L.A., I haven't been impressed by any of the numerous sushi places i've tried in D.C. Even the best sushi here doesn't compare to my neighborhood sushi place in Santa Monica. Chefs here won't make cucumber-wrap rolls, special rolls are not at all creative, uni never seems super fresh, my favorite sashimi fish, spanish mackerel, is rarely available. Maybe we're just too far away from the ocean here.

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        3 words: KAZ SUSHI BISTRO