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Mar 28, 2001 09:19 AM

Visitors seeking crab cakes, Majestic Cafe and other dining advice

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We're hosting visitors from the mid west this weekend who are craving seafood, esp some great crab cakes... any ideas for NoVa or Georgetown/NW DC? nothing too fancy.

On another note -- anyone know when Majestic Cafe is set to open in Old Town and what the price range/style of food will be. We live in OT and love to stroll to dinner, but am so often disappointed by the restaurants (but open to suggestions....?).

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  1. I love Market Lunch at Eastern Market; crab cake sandwiches etc. And if you're looking for "not fancy," Market lunch would be on the extreme end of the that scale!

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    1. re: Geoff Laredo

      The best crab cakes I've had so far in DC is at the Oceanaire restaurant. I've lived here for 10 years, and these by far were the best. The restaurant is expensive though, so if you aren't looking for that type of restaurant there are much cheaper places to go. McCormick and Shmicks also has excellent crabcakes.


      1. re: Liz
        JW in Alexandria

        thanks, Liz and Geoff!