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Jan 22, 2001 11:15 AM

San Jose 'finer' dining

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Hi all. I'm looking for an upper scale (that kids would still enjoy) restaurant in the San Jose area for a Saturday birthday lunch for myself, two brothers and my dad. I'd like a place that a coat and tie isn't out of place but is not required, with good food, atmosphere, etc. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! biz.

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  1. j
    Judith Hurley

    You really never need a jacket in San Jose . . . Emile's and Paolo's are generally considered the "up" end of the scale around here. E&O might be the place, if you can handle that it's a little bit theme park. A lot depends on the kids -- How old are they? How broad-band are their tastes in food? Most kids would enjoy Bucca di Beppo (SJ or Palo Alto), and it's a fun place to have a birthday, but it's not really up-market, and it's seriously theme park.