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Mar 27, 2001 07:30 PM

Lunch at Full Kee with Visiting Chowhounds

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We had lunch yesterday at Full Kee with Heidi Friedlander and her family (Cleveland chowhounds), who were visiting DC for the weekend.

We ordered up a storm and the Cleveland contigent left very satisfied. We had clams with black bean sauce (they seem to have recovered from their six month slump), shrimp with garlic and ginger (they were out of lobster), short ribs with pepper, chicken and eggplant in casserole, shredded pork and bean curd (especially delicious), leek flowers (excellent), Hong Kong style wonton soup (superb), some potstickers, and Singapore-style rice noodles (very well-executed). All dishes were judged successful and not much food was left after we were finished.

It is always nice to entertain visiting Chowhounds at Full Kee; the welcome mat is always open. If you are visiting DC and want some company, send me an e-mail.

Jim Zurer
Washington DC

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  1. Yes, quite a feast for lunch. We were fortunate to hook up with Jim and lovely wife as all of their recommendations were right on the money. I was particularly smitten with the fresh and crisp yellow leeks with garlic , the eggplant-chicken in casserole and the shredded tofu and pork, all being dishes I have never tried. I was reticent to order the Singapore noodles since the ones I've eaten in the past have tasted dry and powdery but these shined and exhibited none of the negative qualities. Also a partcularly delectible and moist cold sliced roast pork that became the meal for my museum-weary 5 yr. old (thanks, Zurers, for your patience!). We were very happy and our D.C. nephew can't wait to return with his family. New fans.

    Other hits over the weekend: A multi-coursed meal in the wine room at Galileo.All very good, but my favorites: Seared foie-gras over a fig conserve and port reduction, the two pasta courses which were a beet filled ravioli on chive beurre blanc and a really killer home made ink tagliarini with octopus ragout. Two petite gripes in the course design:sauteed asparagus was used in two of the courses, and a risotto course, albeit a delicious one, was presented after the two pastas. Just a little too much carb-loading for me. Also difficult to select decent wines in a moderated pricing zone. A very light and moussey interpretation of tiramisu (thumbs up), roasted bananas in phyllo with banana ice cream(YUMMY!), and another unmemorable chocolate presentation for dessert. Good thing we were seated in the (hopefully soundproofed) wine room as my sister-in-law proceeded to regale all present with show tunes between courses.

    Went to Raku in downtown Bethesda and was not partcularly stimulated to return based upon the food but they get very high marks for service and the presence to accomodate the many young ones in attendance. I did like a special app of rockfish carpaccio with a nice, tart lemon-fennel vinaigrette. This was after picking off the very burned slices of garlic and almond strewn over the top. Also had a spicy tuna roll that was texturely a little strange. The tuna mixture was very pureed, almost like a ham salad and I found this unappealing.

    My husband took a few of the kids to Moby Dick which I think is a Mediterranean style kabob/shwarma place. He thought it was good, simple food and a great business(cash only and busy). Didn't get alot of details.

    1. 1. I think we've discussed this before, but do you mean what the menu refers to as "leed flowers" (garlic shoots, I think); or the "yellow leeks," which are sometimes served with frog or scallops? Or something else?

      2. Alas, the ever-reliable "typewritten back page" at Full Kee is no more. The items that once were there have been interspersed throughout the rest of the (English) menu, making it more difficult to identify the best choices.

      3. I've recently had great success with the jellyfish, the congee, and (especially) the spicy fried shrimp, although with respect to the first two items, I don't have much experience in D.C. to which to compare them.

      4. The FK proprietor mentions that they're opening another location in NoVa (!). Hope that won't mean a decline on H St.

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        Sorry, my mistake. They were not yellow leek but what I consider a garlic shoot (leed flower?). Vivid green and chivey looking with tight little buds.