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Mar 6, 2001 12:45 PM

Teasim soup

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Recently became addicted to the seafood udon noodle soup at Teasim on 8th St NW (round the corner from Jaleo). Shrimp. mussels, fresh spinach, seaweed , red peppers tossed in a miso broth (I think) with ginger and garlic...wonderful, earthy, heady...about $8. With the ginger limeade and a salty oat gracious. Also somewhat "hip" for the NY transplant who posted earlier and apparently considers this a prerequisite for tucking in. The Dupont Circle teaism gives me with willies -- too crowded, too many corners. Where's a Feng Shui master when you need one?

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    Geoff Laredo

    I've never had anything at any of the Teaisms that I haven't really enjoyed. Chai and scones during the late afternoon is a personal favorite, as well as french toast on the weekends.

    The thing about Dupont Teaism that I don't like is the constant potential of having to ask someone who doesn't have his/her food yet to vacate a seat (one they've taken prematurely, obviously). Rules of the house are prominently displayed, and I have never been able to figure out what is so hard about playing along.

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      I find it hard to swallow in restaurants with seating rules (except for at the tables at Market Lunch in Eastern Market at breakfast. Appropriate and appreciated policing of annoying "amateurs" -- my affectionate petname for those Saturday-only types who willingly wait in line for an hour to get the same marvelous breakfast sandwiches that are available nearly every other day of the week WITHOUT A WAIT. Market Lunch is open Tuesday thru Saturday for breakfast...but sadly no hot cakes 'till the weekend. Maybe it's the blue bucks that are packing them in? CErtainly pack ME in. Ask for real maple syrup or briing your own. And don't be mean to Mary, and smile when Brenda tells you its $20 no matter what you ordered, or you may not get served. I digress.)
      Hie on over to the 8th Street Teaism and you will never be frustrated by sloshing tea and swishing soup over the edge of a too-small tray while you wait for the rule breakers to squeeze past down that staircase. Go downtown: Big room downstairs, large generous seating area on ground floor...and you can watch yer soup get made (sauteed first, then the noodles and broth...)

    2. Do they do take out by any chance?

      1. Since my office is two blocks from the Teaism on 8th St., I decided to try out Pam's advice regarding seafood udon noodle soup, and now I'll do anything else she recommends. I think the broth was fish broth, not miso, but whatever it was, the aroma was rich and oceanic, and the combination of stuff was perfect. Regarding the other two issues, yes, you can get it as "take out," and therefore I can't comment on the seating issue.

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        1. re: Bob

          thank you for your sworn obedience. Now THE WORLD!

        2. Thanks, Pam! I read your post and made Teaism one of the stops on my recent DC trip. The soup was great, as well as the surprising selection of other yummy looking things. The ginger lemonade was my favorite!