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Jan 21, 2001 04:13 PM


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Went to Alfie's in San Anselmo (Marin County) last night. Could be one of the best new restaurants in the Bay-area. Very creative menu --- very French but not classic --- innovative. Not over priced. Menu consists of small plates (French tapas)- very creative salads, and very unique large plates. Wonderful wine list - but the prices were not over the top. Large plates about $18-22. We had an outstanding server - totally attentive and really knew her stuff. Worth a trip over the Golden Gate.

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  1. You've got to be kidding! We went there several weeks ago and the food was mediocre and the prices absurd. There were five in our party and all agreed it was ho-hum at best. The appetizer the food critic raved about (a potato souffle) was a joke. My wife made a potato souffle from leftovers last night that was much better. We were laughing that this place was foolish to think they could compete with Filou down the street, but alas, as their luck would have it, Filou has closed for personal reasons of the owner/chef. The waitstaff was pleasant, and the ambiance fine...but we thought the food was disappointing. Don't suggest we go back again for a second chance...we're writing this one off.