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Feb 26, 2001 05:42 PM


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Anyone been to Jaleo lately? We're thinking about taking a friend there (from Chicago) later this week. She's staying downtown, and we wanted something fun, good, but not too formal. We've had fun and good food there before (at least 2 years ago), but I was hoping for an update.


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  1. I have not been recently, but from what I have heard it is still doing well and serving good stuff. I would prolly go for it.

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    1. re: Lucien Walsh

      You're in luck. Chef Andres is in the kitchen full time now (not spliting time between Jaleo and Cafe Atlantico). All the tapas are wonderful, but not to be overlooked are the seafood plates. Octopus with paprika and the calamari are my favorites! I go several time a month (before the hockey game) and never tire of the satisfying food that's easy on the budget. I might also point out that the bread is great and the wine list is too.

      1. re: Stray Gator

        Yes, Jaleo is still wonderful. Definitely make a reservation, unless you plan on waiting by the bar for a while.

        Tapas from them I love: tortilla, wild mushrooms, goat cheese stuffed peppers, anything with shrimp.

        Hold off on desserts at Jaleo. Better ones are to be had around the city.

        1. re: Foodie Girl

          Thanks for the advice - my husband and our friend enjoyed it greatly, I unfortunately caught some sort of bug and had to stay home. Definitely on my list for another visit.

          1. re: Foodie Girl

            just a reply about the desserts.... i was there last week & i thought the Flan was the best i've had outside of Spain....

      2. You might be interested to know that the long-awaited Bethesda branch of Jaleo has just opened, on the corner of Woodmont and Elm Streets. Wayne Combs is moving from the old kitchen to the new one, although Jose Ramon will be executive chef...