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Feb 18, 2001 12:51 PM

tom sietsma

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I have been very disappointed with the new reviewer in the Post. I always thought Phyllis was 50% foodie and 50% chowhound. This guy, I think, is 100% foodie.

Anyone agree?

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  1. I couldn't believe he reviewed a Thai restaurant in a Centreville strip mall - how could he be more random or mundane?

    I don't like him. I don't like the way he writes; I'm already sick of his reviewing steak houses; and I'm annoyed that I hardly hear anything about the chefs anymore (although granted we did hear about the elusive Yannick Cam).

    His review of the restuarnats which took over the space of the "Il Radicchio" restaurants were also snoozers.

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    1. re: Alyssa

      And 3/18....another issue of steakhouses.


    2. what's the difference?

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      1. re: jan
        Melissa Garland

        The difference is explained in detail in Chowhound's frequently asked questions (see link below).


      2. Most DC residents cannot afford the outrageous prices at a steakhouses. And a good number of people are either vegetarian or "white-meat only" (chicken & fish) anyway!