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Feb 17, 2001 08:05 AM

hippest place in d.c???

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would you pick Neyla?? or Tenpeh??, or another. looking for drama, swank, etc. thx in adv

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  1. Now there is a question that could only be asked by a New Yorker.... Come on, Stephen, you know that us DC yokels are not into hip and swank...


    Jim Zurer
    Washington DC

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    1. re: Jim Zurer

      for eatin' or drinkin'? i am new to town (more or less) but for drinkin' cities and the 18th street lounge struck me as hip but not annoying (i can't say the same for sesto senso or ozio). foodwise, hip? dc? huh? help?

      1. re: Wendy

        Try TenPenh. It won't disappoint.

        1. re: Foodie Lady

          I have had dinner at Tenh Pen and found it a beautiful designed restaurant. The service was great. The food very mediocre. The tempura of tuna seemed like a good idea, but not seasoned, no salt, than you have to look for the waiter to ask for salt. I understand restaurants not putting salt on the table because nothing should need salt or pepper, but honestly some of the items we ordered needed a little help. The Quail from the quail app was great, except you forgot about the quail when you tasted the accompaniment salad, forgot what was in the salad, but my mouth burned for almost the rest of the meal. Don't get me wrong I love spicy, hot food but it was a bit too much. The lumpia wasn't crisp. Main courses were a little better. The Chilean SeaBass was great, savory, delicate, sitting on a fresh seaweed salad, topped with fish roe. Beef Tenderloin a bit too much. Too much sauce, too much savory. Desserts>>> not to good. French Toast?? I am surprised they didn't sprinkle sesame seeds on it and try to call it Asian. All in all, it's a beautiful restaurant. great service, great cocktail list. But it seems like they just throw things together and put some oyster sauce on it, sesame seeds and call it Asian.. I find it very interesting. The chef must not be Asian.
          If anyone knows of a good restaurant, with good service, and "GOOD" food mail me..Cheers

        2. re: Wendy

          I've lived here for several years and must be honest with you.....DC can be fun - but it is not a hip city. Stick to Adams Morgan for some innovative places to eat and drink.

          D.C. is more exciting than Atlanta or say Baltimore, but not a NY or SF by a long shot. Just take a ride on the Metro in the morning and check out the 'uniforms' worn by the people. You'll never see so many sensible Coach bags and khaki and blue shirt clad men at any one time, unless you are at Coach store or the Gap. Have you noticed the nylon back packs yet on suited men and women? That is something I have only seen in D.C.

          The city's hipness re. food/drink is not much more exciting.

      2. Is Dragonfly still open? I went once a long time ago and it was actually quite cool and hipness quotient was pretty high. The downside of trendy is that it only lasts a little while. For non-food related hipness try HR-57 on Wednesday for Jazz, but it's bring your own alcohol (and too many people are starting to know about it).

        Incidentally, I admit to the occasional nylon-backpack-with-a-suit fashion faux pas so feel free to take any hipness related advice from me with a grain of salt.