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Jan 31, 2001 05:46 PM

need help pls/swanky d.c??

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good eve. have friends visiting d.c. shortly . they are ooking for d.c.'s swankiest, trendy lounges and restaurants. for restaurants shall I tell them d.c coast, cafe atlantico, neyla?? anyone been to neyla?? as far as lounges, 18 th st lounge. any other suggestions?? grazie mille, ciao!!

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  1. i went to neyla once, and really liked it. lots of fun small plates. the group next to us ordered a appetizer sampler that looked so good. the place has style, the food is great and it's not very expensive.
    if i had $ to spend for a swanky dinner, i'd go to tenpenh at tenth and pennsylvania, asian fusion. you can read reviews of it at

    for swanky lounges, the Blue Room on 18th st. in adams morgan. it's beautiful dark wood and silver leather furniture inside, the bartenders are really nice, there's a dj booth, sometimes people dance but there's not really a space for it. don't let the sometimes eurotrash-y crowd intimidate you, they are nice at heart, at least it's not all 22-year-olds like most of adams morgan. there's a cozy upper level with a low ceiling and loveseats, where you can curl up by the window with your date, very romantic.

    and for dancing, there's red, around the corner from 18th st. lounge (and same owners). 1223 (spelled our in roman numerals) is across the street, that is extremely swanky. tables are expensive, you can order bottles of liquor and the prices are in roman numerals, how too cute. but it is one of the few places i've been to in DC that is integrated, black/white people dancing together, halleluyah. people get really dressed up at 1223.

    felix on 18th street in adams morgan is fun, too, very lounge-y and stylish. live music sometimes, swing/sinatra style. they have great food, including a friday night dinner with matzah ball soup, brisket, i think challah, etc. it's good, kind of pricey.
    have fun! report back.

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      stephen kaye

      many thx, grazie mille!!!