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Jan 29, 2001 09:34 AM

Blue Agave/Baltimore

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Responding to my own post of earlier this month... We dined at this establishment (1032 Light Street in Federal Hill) on 1/27 and were most impressed. The menu focuses on items from Yucutan, Baja California and more generalized SW/Tex Mex. All dishes (esp. the appetizers) were judged to be outstanding, as were the margaritas. I am not aware of any place in the DC area that prepares this kind of cusine at this high level. (FYI: The decor and food is similar to that of the famed Border Grill in Santa Monica, CA.)

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    Brenda Pridgen

    I was treated to a birthday celebration at Blue Agave on Light Street in Baltimore on 10/14/01. The food was divine, superb ambience and the Chef Miguel is not bad on the eyes. I had the pork dish, my sisters had Mahi Mahi and Bass. All of the dishes were superb!!!!! The waiter was attentive, informational and friendly. The margaritas are to die for. Best of all you get hotballs on your exit. What a place to dine! This place is an absolute jewel and the prices are more than competitive.