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Jan 27, 2001 12:00 PM

Tysons Thai/steak?

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We're spending a weekend in Tysons next month, and I'd appreciate some restaurant tips.

1. The Tysons area has sprouted a bouquet of steakhouses - branches of Sam & Harry's, the Palm, and Morton's, plus a new one at the Tysons Marriott (where we're staying) named after Don Shula. Any preference for one over the others? And would casual attire be acceptable at any of them? (yeah, I didn't think so...)

2. Any recommendation for a Thai restaurant? We've been to the Walnut Avenue branch of Tara Thai (soft-shell crab special was quite good), but I'd prefer something less noisy and cramped. The ideal place would have both intriguing specials (for me) and an excellent version of pad thai (my fiance is not noted for his adventurous palate).

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  1. Sam and Harry's is the best of the ones you mentioned -- none require jacket and tie, and weekends are more casual golf shirt and khakis with shoes fine for men.

    For an alternative to Tara Thai, try Sakoontra in the Price Club Plaza in Fairfax. They have a good-sized menu with many variations of dishes and the Yum Watercress is fabulous. They don't have as many people jammed in either.

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      As luck would have it we tried Sakoontra for takeout last night. It is yet another of the very good Thai restaurants we have around here.

      The stir fried watercress was fantastic, but be warned that despite it not having any peppers next to it on the menu, it is somewhat hot. The veggie dumplings were also very nice, as was the pad thai. Portions are generous.

      The restaurant is also very cool looking.

      Speaking of Tysons Thai, I know that Busara is very popular but I think it's overpriced. Has anyone tried Neisha Thai on Leesburg Pike?