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Jan 21, 2001 03:09 AM

What do NoCal hounds think of genetically engineered food?

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I don't often play on Chowhounds other message boards, I'm sort of a homer. But theres a thread that really lit a fire under me. A discussion about genetically modified crops.

My opinion, yellow light, proceed with caution. We don't have generations worth of data on this stuff. And ...well.... why are those who are producing it so afraid to label it?

Would I buy it? No. My choice as a consumer. Would I ban it? No. I think that the directions of the research show some promise.

Heres an issue I have never read about. The current market values the appearance and shelf life of its product more than taste and freshness. I'm not sure I want them working on a peach that can withstand 2 weeks at room temperature, but has the taste and texture of sawdust.

Am I alone here? Just a little "Chow for Thought".

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  1. I'm as interested in the fact that there have been no
    responses to this question as the question.

    Personally, I would be inclined to avoid these foods because of quality, and am concerned about environmental repercussions as well. However, I do agree that research should continue. I expect the bottom line of profit and exploitation of the consumer by business will necessitate our staying informed.

    Thanks for bring up the subject.

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      Brandon Nelson


      I though this region in particular would weigh in some huge opinions on this subject. We live in an area where Alice Waters has made the restaraunt industry take notice of the impact they can have on the quality and standards of food production. At the same time many bio firms call the area home and at the forefront of this sort of research. I thought the Bay Hounds would all be as interested in what they eat as they are where they eat it, and who prepares it.


      1. re: Brandon Nelson

        I'm more relieved than surprised : )

        This isn't a regional issue (though ANY broad topic can be artificially regionalized by leading with "How do Alabamans feel about...?"), so the discussion belongs on General Topics.

        We try to keep the regional boards like this one focused on discussion of dining out in their respective areas, and to direct general food topics to the "General Topics" board, less eating-oriented general topics to the "Not About Food" board, and topics to the "Site Talk" board.

        When we upgrade software, we WILL provide boards to discuss general and non-food topics on a regional basis (also "kosher", "what's my craving", "the best", etc, for each region). But meanwhile, we've got to ask users to please cooperate with this organizational system, 'cuz it's the only one we've got for now!

        Also, FWIW, bear in mind that the General Topics board is read by more users than any single regional board.

        Any questions/comments on any of the above should be addressed to the Site Talk board, not replied to here.


        1. re: Jim Leff
          Brandon Nelson

          Hi Jim

          Sorry if this post seems out of place. I have worked in retail grocery for a long time. I'm used to hearing questions about the origin and farming of perishable food. The S.F. Bay area is a real mecca for those who love organic evironmentally friendly farming. It's also home to several cutting edge biotech firms. Sort of an interesting dichotomy.

          I've participated in a thread on the "Not About Food" board on this subject. My interest here was to pique the brains of some posters that I'm more familiar with. The issue that I was writing about is, in many ways, local to us. It's also about food, although not about dining out.

          If I thought that the subject was innappropriate for this board I wouldn't have posted it here. It touches on politics, religion, and ethics. It is however about food. I have always treated this forum and it's users with the utmost respect. I will continue to do just that. I hope you better understand the why I posted this subject on this board.


          1. re: Brandon Nelson

            I suspect the reason you didn't get too much action here, Brandon, is that many of us had our say on this subject recently. Can't remember, but I think it was the General Topics board. Look there for a heated discussion on the subject.

            Cheers, Anne Emry