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Jan 27, 2001 07:22 AM


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I've got a reservation for a special occasion in three weeks time. Anyone tried it yet? Recommendations? Thanks

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  1. I've not been, but the Washington Post had a very positive write-up recently, fyi.

    1. I have not been yet either, but a good friend with a pretty good palate told me that he enjoyed it very much. I will try and get more details.

      The same friend went to the new Greenwood's at Connecticut and Nebraska and was completely underwhelmed.

      Jim Zurer
      Washington DC

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        I just (literally) looked into Greenwood's this evening. The room appeared very hip, and somewhat interesting. But the entrees were priced at $18-35! (most on the higher end of that range), which is, if I'm not mistaken, far more than Greenwood has ever charged in the past. Years ago, I had a couple of quite wonderful, casual lunches at a hotel Greenwood was working in Dupont Circle (forgot the name); but since then, I've been fairly underwhelmed whenever I've eaten at one of her (numerous) establishments. It always seems to me as if she's working much too hard to be upscale, and never quite making the grade, while her forte might be with more causal, midrange fare. I will be very surprised if her new restuarant succeeds at those luxury prices.

        I also popped into Palena yesterday (in Greenwood's old locale in Cleveland Park), and the (ever-changing) menu is very enticing, indeed -- and that's even without considering the Ann Amernick desserts! I'll be splurging there on the 17th, and will report back; but if any other 'hounds dine there before then, please let us know how it was.

        1. re: Jim Zurer

          Palena is easily one of the top restaurants in DC. It's funny to me that people haven't really started taking notice yet, even though the chefs are widely considered (by other chefs mainly) to be the most talented in town. There's a website that I just found out about, I'll put a link...