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Jan 26, 2001 03:21 PM

apartment hunting

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I just moved to Maryland and would like to find a 1-bedroom apartment around Rockville or Gaithersburg.
I also prefer some good Chinese restaurant around.
Can anyone give me some tips?

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  1. Can't help with the apartment hunting, but my favorite Chinese restaurant in Rockville is Seven Seas (Federal Plaza shopping center, in the back facing Executive Blvd). Take a cue from the tanks at the entrance, and go for seafood. There's a black menu (ordinary selections) and a red menu (the real food). I recommend the cold spicy conch appetizer and the crispy whole fish Szechuan-style. There's also Mama Wok & Teriyaki in Rockville - looks grungy, but the food isn't dumbed down (they offer things like jellyfish and duck intestine, and they also have some ingredients swimming at the entrance). New Fortune in Gaithersburg is supposed to be a good dim sum place. Gosh, I'm hungry now...