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Jan 24, 2001 04:00 PM

prix-fixe, multiple courses in Baltimore or D.C.?

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I'm looking for someplace in the area offering a multi-course dinner, preferably paired with appropriate wines, or with suggested pairings. Doesn't necessarily have to be prix-fixe, but I'd imagine that most such menus are. I prefer Baltimore, but I'm certainly willing to drive to D.C. if there's a place worth the trip.

Thanks in advance for all suggestions!

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  1. I really don't know where they do prix fixe in DC? Now that I think about it, that's kind of odd. Maybe Bistrot Du Coin or Tabard Inn? those are old world style places that might do that sort of thing. Hmmm? Someone else must know.

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      The ultimate prix fixe in DeeCee. On P, east of 21st. Elegant, subtle, even romantic. Three courses, dessert. Menu changes daily, but worth the risk. Try it and report back.

    2. The best restaurant in town, owned and operated by the folks who originally kicked of Georgia Brown's in the District. they do periodic "Chef's Menus" with or without wine pairings. Worth it!