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Jan 20, 2001 12:56 PM

Tibetan in DC?

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When I lived in NYC, there was this wonderful Tibetan place called Tibet on Houston that I used to go to all the time... anybody know if there's decent Tibetan to be had in the DC area?



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  1. Your question sparked a dim vision of what I think I remember as a Tibetan restaurant on 17th street I think between R and T (south of Lauriol Plaza). I've not been there, so sorry I can't comment on the food.

    Now, how's that for a solid lead? Sorry couldn't be more definitive.

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    1. re: Geoff L.

      see note posted by Greg; I mis-stated street, but it's the same place I was remembering.

    2. There used to be a place called the Himalayan Grill at 1805 18th Street, NW, in DC, that served Tibetan and Nepalese dishes. Whether it's still there, I don't know.