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ISO decent new york style pizza

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I'm looking for a place to get a decent new york style (actually new haven style for those in the know) pizza anywhere in the DC area. You know the kind I mean -- big flat pie, thin-ish crust with some chew, not too much sauce or cheese. The kind that you could buy by the slice and fold in half to eat.


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  1. As a transplanted new yorker, i feel your pain. the best i've found is at Vace, 3315 Conn. Ave NW (Red to Cleveland Park). They're an Italian grocery too, and the ingredients are always fresh. Now, if they were only open at 3am....

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      I cannot understand why those New Haven restaurants don't enfranchise, they'd corner the pizza market down here. We've argued about finding good pizza here, but I don't think we've come up with a good solution to our woes.

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        I think the main reason New Haven pizzerias don't "enfranchise" is that the soul of their operation is the coal-driven brick ovens. It would be impossible to duplicate the ovens at Sally's or Pepe's and thus the pizza would not really be comparable. At least in New York, it isn't legal to build a new coal-burning oven, you have to find one already built--as is the case with Lombardi's. Don't know what the regulations are in D.C.

        I am originally from New Haven, live in New York, and visit DC frequently. I happen to love Pizza Paradiso and think that Obelisk is the equal of any New York Italian.

    2. PLEASE post any and all tips on pizza on here. I grew up in Rhode Island. I NEED some good pizza :>) Any style!

      There was a place out here in the wilds of western Fairfax County a few years ago called Goglucci's in Centreville that was quite good. It was located next to an Italian deli, under common ownership. The crust was good enough to withstand hearty toppings like roasted peppers and artichoke hearts.

      Then one night we went for pizza and it sucked. The "roasted peppers" were jarred pimentos. No joke. The other toppings and the crust also rotted. We told the server that it seemed like the ingredients had all changed and not for the better. She said "oh no, it's all the same." Please, don't bullshit a bullshitter.

      We never went back, and Goglucci's was gone soon after. The place is now some kind of tequila bar. The deli is still there, though.

      I think the Italian Store is supposed to have pretty good NY style 'za, although it doesn't look so good that I have tried it in lieu of one of their subs, so I can't vouch for it.

      1. If you find any, let me know...I have been here for more than 30 years and I have yet to find any.

        However, Pizza Paradiso makes a mighty good Neapolitan style pizza--wood burning oven, good toppings. It ain't Brooklyn or the Bronx or New Haven, but it is good.

        Places I have frequented in the past which have declined in quality include A.V. and Fio's. Va-Ce sometimes is good but it is spotty.

        The best pizza by the slice I have found is at the Georgetown Bagelry, but even that doesn't approach your average slice joint in New York.

        Sorry I can't be more encouraging.

        Jim Zurer
        Washington DC

        1. I agree with the suggestions for Vace in Cleveland Park. My personal pizza taste has me shy away from gloppy, chewy cheese, and Vace's pies are thin and I love the sauce.

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            Hm, I dunno, I'm not so sure I would trust this guy's opinion. He seems kinda shady to me. LOL

            Cap Hill (Bill McColl)

          2. The usual suspects (Jim Z, Cap H, et al) have weighed in, and count me among 'em. Pizzeria Paradiso is really the only jernt in the DeeCee metro area that comes close to Sally's or Pepe's in Yaletown or John's on Bleecker (avoid the franchises on 64/1st and Bway/63). But the lines, the lines: at least an hour on Thursday, 2 on Fri/Sat, and there's not a decent bar nearby to while the hours away! (Brickskeller, ok, but that's more a destination than a holding pen.) Okay, if you must. Faccia Luna is reliable (Old Town: S. Washington; Arlington: Wilson Blvd; North G'town: Wisc Ave across from the Freshfields.). Otherswise, make your own. Pizza ain't that hard, and in DeeCee, it's hard indeed.

            1. thanks for understanding exactly what i wanted... you guys are the best! a pizza prospecting jaunt to compare the candidates is in the works

              1. I've read the dozen or so posts below and everyone is repeating the names of places that were recommended to me when I moved here from Queens ten years ago. All of them (except maybe Vace's on a good day) have disappointed.

                There is a gem way up in Rockville, however. Giuseppi's Pizza Plus near the courthouse is consistently outstanding. A little on the thick side, but nowhere near the depth of a deep dish. Incredible homemade sauce, salty cheese, and a light crust that melts in the mouth. I learned of it from a local sports/style writer, Tony Kornheiser, another transplanted NYer. He used to rave about it on his radio show, but now that he went national, we don't hear about it much anymore.

                Please, someone go and report back -- I'd love to hear other opinions. (P.S. there is a second location in Kentlands now, but I'm not as crazy about that place, for some reason).


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                  Just tried Guiseppi's for lunch, on your recommendation. You are correct that the sauce and cheese are quite good. And it's a charming neighborhood place that I would frequent if I lived in Rockville. Better by a long shot than the typical local pizza joint.

                  However, I don't think it's in the same league as Vace's or (especially) Paradiso -- nor, I think, does it aspire to such heights. (In particular, it's fairly greasy and the toppings (in my case mushrooms and onions) are standard-issue.)

                  1. re: Marty L.

                    I'm glad you enjoyed it (hope it was worth the trip for you).

                    Your review reminded me of the fact that I never get toppings on pizza, so I couldn't comment on that.

                    Thanks for adding that important information !

                2. IMHO the best pizza in NYC was found through the early 70's at several parlors on Staten Island. Regrettably most of them have since succumbed to the same virus which has infected so many other pizza places - bad cheese (and way too much of it), cardboard crust, etc, etc. As to the DC area: I've lived here now for over 25 years and have yet to find a place that makes the kind of pie that approaches the best in NYC, and believe me, I've looked. Agree with others here that Vace's makes a pretty decent pie, but locations (don't forget Bethesda) and hours make this less appealing. Paradiso does a nice job, but isn't much use unless you live nearby. Pizza at Coppi's and it's sibling on Conn. Ave. are vastly overated. I plan to try Guiseppe's, but I'm not optimistic. The absence of decent pizza and real neighborhood bars are two of the great drawbacks to living here. I'll keep checking this thread for more suggestions. Let's keep searching!

                  1. Sounds like you would like Toppings in Frederick, MD. It is exactly as you describe: thin, not much sauce and cheese, very large slices that fold easily. THe owner is from either NY or NJ (can't remember for sure).