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Jan 14, 2001 12:36 PM

Sam&Harrys - dress?

  • j

Have to arrange a business dinner for some people coming in to town. Was told that steak would be preferred. Heard on the board that Sam&Harrys is a good place and appropriate for such a dinner.

Question: Can one wear nice business casual and be comfortable in this place for dinner? OR Is it a coat and tie place?

If strictly coat and tie - how about the Palm for an alternative place for steaks?


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  1. I think that you'd be most comfortable in a suit at both of those places. You could get away with business casual at Blackie's Steakhouse - 202/333-1100. I've taken business acquaintances there and though many of the customers will still be in suit/tie you'd be ok there. It's a little bit farther from the center of town, but still got a pretty nice atmosphere, food is acceptable and maybe even a little cheaper than S+H/Palm.