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Jan 20, 2001 02:28 AM

Meet at Hayes & Vine, 1/26/01

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If you're going to San Francisco for next week's Zinfandel Festival, please join us at Hayes & Vine wine bar on Friday night to share a glass of wine or two. I'd love to meet you.

We'll stake out the tables at the far end of the bar starting around 9:30pm for this no-host. I'm having an early dinner with friends then will head over. If you are arriving earlier, please speak with Tony and let him know you're in my party.

Hayes & Vine
377 Hayes Street (between Franklin & Gough)
San Francisco
(415) 626-5301

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  1. r
    Richard & Ona Flores


    Thanks for the invite. Ona and I will be attending the ZAP Blue Jeans to Black Tie that evening but may drop by, for just one more taste, assuming the time is reasonable when the event closes. (Remember the first auction, we where there till 11:30pm?)Ugh, on the other hand, I will see you Satuday morning.... Richard Flores

    PS: Talked to Becky yesterday, we are going to close off ticket reservations to the Saturday tasting, the 10th Annual Zinfandel Tasting is already 33% larger than last year's.

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    1. re: Richard & Ona Flores

      Good news on ticket sales, I was worried there for a while.

      Hope to see you on Friday.

    2. c
      Crystal Casey

      Hi Melanie. Sounds like fun and I'm back from Paris, but I have a performance of one of my season ticket commitments that night. Crystal

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      1. re: Crystal Casey

        Hey Crystal! Glad you found us. Please take a look around while you're here and tell us about your latest visit to Paris.

        I decided to plan a late-night outing for Friday so that everyone could finish up their dinner and entertainment plans then head over to the wine bar. Please stop by if you can.

      2. Hi Melanie,

        I will be returning from travel Friday evening so I'll have to pass this time. I also have an early Saturday class.

        By the way, we had our annual Bertek party up in Napa on the 13th and 14th. We stayed the weekend, did the wine train dinner, and visited a winery. Sunday afternoon, Ron and I did a tour of the Culinary Institute at Graystone. The biggest kitchen area that we have ever seen. What a great place. We had a fun packed weekend.

        Hope you're doing well and have fun on Fri.

        Love, Ellen & Ron

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        1. re: Ellen Kane

          Bet you stayed on all paved roads this time!

          I'll miss you on Friday.

        2. Melanie,
          I've noticed that you're quite the "Queen" of SFChowhound; it would be interesting indeed to talk to you and get to know more about your background in the food arena. You seem to be such a wealth of knowledge! Is your offer open to all Chowhounds? If so I know that I would enjoy the opportunity to clink glasses with you. :) Myrna Schimm a transplanted New Yawker

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          1. re: Luvs2Eat

            Myrna, welcome! This "unofficial" part of the annual Zinfandel festival is open to all chowhounds. How this evolved is that throngs of Zinfandel lovers are descending on San Francisco for 3 days of eating and drinking. With so many "official" events and smaller private dinners on the schedule, it was hard to find the time to meet up with out-of-towners and old friends. This traditional "no host" at Hayes & Vine takes off after the other events have wrapped up to provide a meeting spot for the dedicated partiers to rendevous. Since we have the opportunity to taste more than 300 Zinfandel wines during the festival, the choices at this gathering tend to veer in other directions.

            I hope you'll join us!

            Melanie "Princess of Zin"

          2. Sorry we cannot make it