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Jan 10, 2001 12:10 PM

Inaugural Poop

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Full disclosure: I'm a reporter who'll be down in DC covering the various inaugural parties. I was wondering if any of you D.C. chowhounds knew any inside dope on the gastronomic aspects of the weekend. Hot non-official parties? Bushies favorite restaurants? Also I'm wondering what George W. will be eating for breakfast and lunch the day he becomes president.
Any information much appreciated!
a Brooklyn Chowhound

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    Christine DiBona

    Are they going to serve "Bush Family Stew'? You know, the recipe that Laura Bush's office was putting out as an old family favorite, that is almost a word-for-word plagarization of Deborah Madison's Zuni Stew in 'The Greens Cookbook'
    The Raleigh Observer has put it's archives on some kind of weird subscription basis(GRRRRRR...which I CANNOT figure out how to access w/o being a 7-day subscriber) and so I cannot post a link to the couple of articles I originally read, But here's the gist of it:

    Helen Moore (I think),a food columnist for the paper, wrote an article in the summer about what the two candidates favorite family recipes were. Laura Bush's PR office supplied her with a recipe for 'Bush Family Stew', which the paper printed. The following week, a letter was printed from a reader who had felt a strange sense of deja vu come over him as he read the article. He went to his library, and lo and behold, the recipe in the paper was nearly exactly the same as Deborah Madison's. I looked at the published recipe, and my 1987 edition of the Greens Cookbook and to my mind in was VERY clear that it was the same recipe: same amounts, same procedure with some very slight paraphrasing, and a couple of instruction omissions. Helen Moore wrote that the recipe was presented to her as an original ( i.e. not her fault, but I wonder that she and her presumed interns/research staff were not familiar with such a popular cookbook). The Bush PR office, I think, just wouldn't comment.
    For Christ's sake, the woman's a LIBRARIAN!!!! Shouldn't she have a clue about this kind of stuff??? GW going through life as an spoiled child of entitlement, duh, but stealing other people's work without even attribution - I would have expected better from his wife.
    If you run into Laura, please tell her how disappointed I am in her. (Is that an appropriately compassionate conservative phrasing?)


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    1. re: Christine DiBona

      The webpage linked to below has a recipe that it goes so far as to call, "Bush Family Zuni Stew." I wonder who their source was and why the name changed to something more like the Greens Cookbook's recipe.


    2. Not sure this is what you're looking for, but in the past Jim Koch of Boston Beer Co has had a party at one of the hotels on the inaugural route. Lots of Sam Adams beer, of course.

      1. Alas, I'm heading to the anti-inaugural and never get invited to all the good parties anyway. Guess I'm not such a good lobbyist after all. LOL. I do plan to serve Lyndon B. Johnson's Pedernales River Chili at our little post protest anti-inaugural "ball" but it won't be elegant and we're all bitter.

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        1. re: Cap Hill

          Me and my buds are getting tanked up on Skullsplitter Ale, then going to to anti-inaugural ball to heckle the collection of miscreants and sore losers.
          I refer Mr. Cap Hill and all of his silly, whining, "undervote-claiming" cusses here:

          1. re: Paddy

            Er, the fact that you seem to think Skullsplitter Ale belongs on speaks for itself. Might I suggest you try some of the fine local brews around here, I particularly recommend Tuppers Hop Pocket. I also like the Oxford English Ale, and almost all of the Blue Ridge. If you happen to be up in Baltimore, the best beer around is Baltimore Brewing Company's Marzen, tho locals will give you an argument about Sisson's.