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Jan 9, 2001 10:23 PM

Cheese! Glorious Cheese!

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I have utterly failed to eat out all week (just started a new job up in Van Ness - now there's a place that needs restaurant help). Anyone able to steer me in the right direction up there?? help!

However, I have promised to post more often and as this is "cheese month" (read Jim's note under the little USA map) I feel like I should start the DC cheese discussion. For those of you who don't know, the most interesting cheese shop in DC is at the Eastern Market. I would say it's the best shop in the metro area, but consider that a gauntlet thrown down for discussion.

They are beyond knowledgeable, can pair up cheese with foods/wines and import items that I've never seen anywhere else. They give their customers free samples and will attempt to sell you more cheese than you can eat in a week. I particularly like the Cambazolla which is best described as a brie/blue cheese mixture. Two additional worthy cheeses (I can't recall their names) are a sheep's milk (not a bargain tho) and also a gouda/parmesan mixture. MMMMM! If you say "sheep's milk" or "gouda/parmesan mix" - they'll know what you're talking about - ask for a sample.

Oh yeah, they have a fine "welcome tyrophiles" sign as an added inducement. Go off hours if you actually want to discuss cheese with them - the lineup is too deep on Saturdays/Sundays to talk much. My suggestion - early breakfast at Market lunch (NLT 9) and shop thereafter.

For some reason I also feel compelled to mention that you can get 'Pick' Hungarian salami at the Tivoli deli (Rosslyn Metro Mall) which makes a great accompaniment to the cheese. Used to be you could get it at the late lamented Misha's (see earlier thread).

OK, I've done my duty. Eat well. I'm flying to San Francisco where I'll eat my way cross town - aren't you jealous! (heh).

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  1. clarification from previous message - "Market Lunch" is a greasy spoon counter that serves breakfast on Saturdays + lunch whenever the market is open.

    1. Re: Van Ness restaurants. You're right: the immediate area has never been able to support a top flight place. Of course, you do have all the nice Cleveland Park places a few blocks down Conn. Ave. And in the other direction, Greenwood has reopened up at Conn. Ave. and Nebraska. I haven't been there yet, though.

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        Hi just back from SF. Eating was good, but unfortunately because of my conference schedule not great.

        Thanks for the tip. I'm already contemplating Cleveland and Woodley Parks for longer lunch breaks and I'll check into the Greenwood. You'd think with UDC there'd be some energy getting put into food/activities around here. No such luck. Oh well.

        Continuing with the cheese theme - The Calvert Woodley cheesery is practically at the Van Ness - UDC metro and to my surprise they seem to have Pick salami as well. I wasn't too impressed with their service, but they do claim to have 300 cheeses and the wine store is running specials on their bordeux right now.

      2. The gouda/parmesan creation is Parano.