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Jan 8, 2001 05:07 PM


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there's a great new restaurant that opened up at the corner of 9th and I streets, NW (across from the convention center) called murali - if you eat anything there, be sure to eat the shitake mushroom and goat cheese appetizer because it is just sublime.

they also play great music, which by itself, makes it a rare bird in these parts...

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  1. Hi Sandy - good to see you back posting again. Have you moved from the west coast to DC, or are you just visiting?

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    1. re: gary cheong

      yes, and it's great to be back on the east coast, even though i can't get the variety of asian foods that i could get over in california - i moved to dc last year, permanently...for at least a couple of years (hopefully longer - i'd much rather travel for leisure than keep moving on an annual basis!)

      to answer the first question, murali's is an italian restaurant, and their food is just so flavorful and wonderful, i highly recommend the place for both the cool ambience and food

    2. What sort of place is this? Indian? Chinese?