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Jan 5, 2001 06:13 PM

Chowhound eating by Metro or bus--advice needed

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Hi everyone,

I'll be visiting DC, staying near Farragut Square for about five days. I'd like to eat well while I'm there, if I have time to get out on my own. I won't have a car, so I have to take public transit or taxis. I don't mind a subway or a bus ride.

I have lived in Boston and New York and have been to many places discussed on Chowhound in those cities.

A friend of mine recommended Florida Avenue Grill, and I have it located through MapQuest. However, it doesn't show Metro stops so I have no idea how to get there.

I couldn't find Love's Restaurant in MapQuest's Yellow Pages. Does anyone have an address and/or directions by transit?

I've eaten at Les Halles in New York and have always enjoyed their French-style steaks, though it can be very noisy. Any comments on the Les Halles in DC? It is the same restaurant, no?

I read here about the inexpensive breakfast place near Dupont Circle. That's very convenient for me because I'll be near there during working hours.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I like all kinds of good food like steak, classic French, Chinese, soul food, other ethnic foods, etc. Since I live in Boston I avoid seafood restaurants when I travel, unless they're seafood shack.

I especially need dinner recommendations, but breakfast and lunch as well. And if you know the nearest Metro stop or a connecting bus route, please let me know...


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  1. Perhaps you can work out a bus route through the Metro web site.


    1. The Florida Avenue Grill is located at 11th and Florida Avenue easy walk from the U Street-Cardozo Metro Station on the Green Line. One entrance is at 10th and U Street and you just walk north up 11th until you get to the Florida Avenue Grill. It is nestled under Cardozo High School.

      The neighborhood is undergoing a revival and the walk should take you less than 5 minutes.

      The Grill, in my opinion, is on a downhill slide but you eat well if you are careful. Try the corn muffins for lunch or dinner (but make sure they keep them out of the microwave). Short ribs can be good as can smothered chicken...vegetables are tasty (in the southern style)--greens, black-eyed peas, etc. Fried whole fish on Fridays used to be dependable.

      Jim Zurer
      Washington DC

      1. Dear Adam:

        First, some advice from you. What "inexpensive breakfast near Dupont Circle"? If you're referring to the sad sack jernt at 20 and N, avoid at all costs: hideous food, hideous service, rumor has it that the block will be razed and rebuilt for lobbyists' offices.

        Second. Les Halles DeeCee is mostly (not always) terrific; frites are bright and crisp, hangar steak is chewy and garlicky; but the surroudings ain't Park Ave South. Still, reliable. Ask for Mohamed.

        Third. Flawrida Ave Grill: avoid! I sense a sort of nostaligic, "we was once young in the south" sort of thang, and we ate greens -- I swear -- and it don't wash. FlaAveGrill was mobbed when Marion Barry used to stop by after binges; for us real folks, the ribs are dry, the chicken thrice-fried; about the only thing worth eating are the greens (but Campbell's'll sell you a potfull for 69cents; add some fatback and Heinz white vineger, and you're there). Hitching Post had its champions (calling Alpha Dog), but the hockey-puck crabcakes, fried, fried, and fried again, aren't worth the $23. Great greens, though avoid the potatoes (thicky, slicky, mushy in and out).

        Bottom line: go Viet. Lots of options. And good luck.

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        1. re: John

          John, I don't mean to get testy here, but for the seventh time, the crab cakes at Hitching Post have clearly changed. Restaurants (unlike, say, movies) change. Not sure why my stale (and vigorously recanted) opinion on said crabcakes needs to remain an issue...? Not to mention that by reminding me, you're exacerbating my state of mourning for their formerly high quality, and I'm desperately trying to work through my Kubler-Ross stages here (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Grief, Acceptance, Finding New Crab Cakes Elsewhere, Writing About Them, etc...).

          Florida Avenue Grill was also good once, but not in decades. And the Saints Paradise Cafeteria isn't very happening, either. We need to determine whether Hitching Post's fried chicken remains worthy (it apparently didn't decline in parallel with the crab cakes), but if not we've got to figure out where the good soul food is down there. I'm sure there's tons of it, but I haven't seen any of the DC critics (or even our savvy chowhound reporters) sniffing it out.

          One more quick thing: we urge people to try to compose thread titles that convey the subject of the thread (for the good of fellow hounds surfing the index and choosing what to read!). Almost everything here, of course, constitutes "advice".


        2. When I'm in D.C., I like to go to The Prime Rib, 2020 K Street. That should be within walking distance of where you'll be. It's cool to sit at the bar and see the Congresspeople with "Lobbyists." This is The Washington Post's review.

          By the way, there is a Legal Sea Food nearby.

          For lunch, try Bread Line at 1751 Pennsylvania Ave. Yes, it's near the White House. The Washington Post review is at:

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          1. re: mshriro

            If you go to the Bread Line (which I highly recommend), try to get there around noon -- by 12:30 or 1pm, it gets very crazy. Be prepared for total chaos, but at least they now have a sign to tell you where to stand for salad v. sandwiches and soup. (Get a sandwich.) Not a place for the timid.